Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear America, Watch Hockey

I used to be one of them. One of those people that don't watch hockey. Not only do they not watch it, but they don't know how much they are missing not watching hockey.

Since moving to Buffalo eight years ago, I have developed a genuine interest in the sport. I still don't know all the subtle nuances of the game, like I do for basketball and baseball, but I know this-- it's an AWESOME sport to watch. So I still only pretend to know what icing is, and I don't even try to understand the lines, but I watch regularly and I have fun!

I'm here today to implore the rest of America to start watching hockey. I'll start with you, Cleveland, my hometown. I don't know why we're not hockey fans, 'cause we totally should be. We have ice, and only the shallowest Great Lake separates us from Canada. That's like E=MC2 for a hockey town! If this Cleveland gal can fall in love with it, so can you! Before you know it, we could have a pro hockey team with a lame name and bad colors who will never win the Stanley Cup, but whom we love and embrace with blinding fury.

What's so great about hockey, you ask? Well, here are my top reasons I think you should watch:

  1. There are fights right in the middle of the game! Personally, I think two men punching each other on ice is about as bad ass as it gets.
  2. It is a fast-paced game, and very efficient. Time outs are rather infrequent, so not a lot of time wasted, which works well in our busy society.
  3. Many of the players are hot! I know they're all geared up and covered with helmets, but you still get to see their sexy, stubbly faces.
  4. If missing teeth is not your thing, fear not; due to great advances in dentistry, most hockey players appear to have a complete set of teeth these days.
  5. Hockey is a great venue to witness extreme endurance and athleticism, perhaps more than any other sport. (Yeah, that's right Football, I said it.) The pace of the game and the speeds these guys reach on a consistent basis is nothing short of extraordinary.
  6. The rules are pretty easy to understand-- whoever has the most goals wins (kind of). Worry about the rules later...
  7. If you like mysteries, hockey gear is a great one. I still don't know what the heck they wear under their jerseys and shorts, but I'm always intrigued.
So, give it a try (preferably with some Canadian beer and Buffalo wings). You'll thank me later.


Phil said...

I think part of the problem with Cleveland is the Barons once called the city home and left, and no one moved in to fill the void. From there apathy toward the fastest game on ice set in.

Kisha said...

ha, i never cared for hockey until I move to buffalo, (15+) years ago and met my very good friend who is also,And I came from Pittsburgh, where there is a pretty good team, whom i occasionally root for when my husband and children aren't looking.

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