Sunday, December 3, 2006

Care instructions for Mogwai

Just thinking about the fantastic 80s movie Gremlins. In case you happen to adopt a mogwai from or a local shelter near you, it's very important that you remember these three care instructions:

1. Keep them away from bright light, particularly sunlight.

2. No baths! You mustn't get a mogwai wet. (So no need to worry about not using Pantene on your male mogwai).

3. And most importantly, never ever feed them after midnight, not even Mighty Taco.

I would also add these rules:

4. Don't name your mogwai "Gizmo." It's a little unoriginal. I think "Cha Cha" for a female and "Clyde" for a male are much better.

5. Don't play any Justin Timberlake songs or your mogwai just might hum them to you.

6. Don't let your mogwai wear a dental grill. It may fight you because they like to be trendy with mohawks and stuff.

Also, help control the pet population and have your mogwai spayed or neutered.

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