Thursday, October 18, 2007

What's really under the Arby's cowboy hat?

Is it just me, or can the Arby's logo look
a little phallic at times?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Too much effort

I've always wondered what my IQ is; not because I think I'm a genius, but because I'm nosey. I've never taken a test, so I could be another Einstein (or Forest Gump) for all I know!

So last night I tried to take one online. I got to the first question. It was one of those classic algebra questions about a pipe filling a tub while another is draining it...when will the tub be full? Within a second I decided it was just way too much effort to take the test. So, does that make me stupid or lazy? I'm pretty sure my laziness quotient is very high. I still don't know about my intelligence, though.

Why are IQ tests all about math and other junk anyway? How practical is filling a bathtub that is, at the same time, draining? Why can't I take a quiz identifying celebrity mug shots, matching shampoos with their ad slogans, and identifying Brady Bunch episodes within the first 10 seconds? That is where my true gifts are. If I wasn't so lazy, maybe I'd come up with an IQ test of this nature. Sigh...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Christie Brinkley Calls for the End of Nuclear Proliferation

Christie Brinkley says we shouldn't have nukes. Well, ok, then it's time to listen if Christie Brinkley says so. I know that when I think of Christie Brinkley, I think CoverGirl, Total Home Gym, Uptown Girl, and the end of nuclear proliferation. I don't know why she didn't speak up sooner.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

His Prerogative

Yesterday it was reported that Bobby Brown had a heart attack, but today the singer issued a statement denying any such nonsense. I'm so baffled by these mean reports about Bobby's ill health. I mean, look, Bobby is a real upstanding guy-- just ask Whitney.

You know, it's funny, there have been reports in the past that Bobby has done some very bad things, and he's had to deny those too. Extra-marital affairs, drug use, public intoxication, domestic violence, illegitimate children... Bobby said no to them all. And why shouldn't we believe him? It's not like he ever served jail time for any of these crimes.
What would lead us to believe that Bobby had a heart attack anyway? He's the picture of mind-body-soul balance. Since he's never done drugs, there's no reason to believe that years of snorting coke would strain his heart.
I, for one, believe you Bobby. I'll add your non-heart attack to a list with Michael Jackson denying that he's had plastic surgery, OJ affirming that he didn't kill anyone, and Bill Clinton not having sex with that woman-- Ms. Lewinsky. Don't worry, Bobby, I've got your back. Just get back to the studio and make more of that fabulous music of yours.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wild Commentary

Today I went to the Buffalo Zoo. While I was there, I noticed that many of the animals seemed deep in thought. I think I know what they were thinking. Take a look below.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. C-3PO

Super Model Kate Moss makes a fashion statement on the Red Carpet with her husband, Star Wars' own C-3PO.

Old Navy, PROUDLY Since 1994

Whenever I’m sad, I know there’s a little place I can go to brighten my spirits. It’s full of color, comfort and cool pajamas. That place is Old Navy. With the best hoodies in town, trendy totes, and funky socks, it’s a shopper’s dream.

I thought it was a little strange, though, that ON adopted a motto similar to its parent company, The Gap, of saying when it was founded. (e.g. Gap, since 1969). But Old Navy was doing this in 1996, and they were founded in 1994. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find it very effective to say "Trust us, we're 2 years old."

ON really takes pride in that 1994 thing. Was it such a great year? I remember it, and it was OK, but I certainly don't find myself saying very often, "Wow, I wish it was 1994 again!" Let's take a look at a few other things that happened in 1994 and see if Old Navy should be so proud:

I don't know, Old Navy, it may be time to adopt a new motto.