Monday, August 13, 2007

Was Hercules the inspiration for Mike Brady's perm?

I spent some time in the Big Apple and snapped this pic at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's new Greek and Roman Exhibit. To me it seems obvious that the sculptor's interpretation of a virile, authoritative male was revived in the 1970's when Mike Brady's hair became so curly that it got its own dressing room and place in the credits.
Now let's take a moment to examine this work of art. Notice how his locks were individually carved, yet skillfully blend together, creating the helmet-like effect of a warrior (I'm talking about Mike). Take a moment to notice the detail... Can you imagine the countless hours it took to complete the piece? (Again, talking about Mike.) I think that by taking a moment observe the details, we can truly begin to understand why art is so precious.


Carrie M said...

Yeah, I just snorted latte on my monitor. Nice one.

Kate said...

Okay, this is hilarious!

Dan said...