Saturday, January 6, 2007

Christina's Excellent 80's Movie Adventure

I love the 1989 classic movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (I'm allowed to, I grew up in the '80's). But I was thinking today that if a telephone booth from the future appeared on my tree lawn, I wouldn't be so boring as to go back in time and bring back real people. I would instead dial my time booth to '80's movies and bring a wide array of the decade's greatest characters to the stage of San Dimas High.

The emcee would, of course, be Carol Anne from Poltergeist to announce that "They're Heeere..." Michael J. Fox would get everyone in a party mood as Teen Wolf. Maybe he'd shoot some hoops or surf on top of a van to a little "Surfin' USA". Then we'd have a live aquatic show from Daryl Hannah as the mermaid "Madison" in Splash, followed by "Wax On, Wax Off" lessons from Mr. Miyagi of the Karate Kid (I and II, but we'll ignore III for it's obvious "Bogus!"-ness). Kim Cattrall as "Emmy" from Mannequin would do a little fashion show for us, and we would conclude with Maverick, Goose, Ice-Man and Slider recreating the volleyball scene from Top Gun.

I can picture it all in my mind and it's an A+ for sure.


Csara said...

LOL! I was doing a search for people who blogged about their favorite 80's movies and you came up so I wanted to say hi. :-)

Here's my list:

Anonymous said...

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